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How to Care for Your Bamboo Bottle : An organic alternative to wood & plastic : Team Saanjh

Hello Dear Human, you are awesome!
Thank you so much for caring about yourself & Mother Earth. We believe you are here to know more about living an environment friendly life!
We are with you every step of the way! Today, we are sharing some information with you on bamboo water bottles. We are going to discuss its benefits, certain care instructions & why a bamboo bottle is a must for every household.
If you are looking to own or already you already have your Saanjh Bamboo Bottle then you’ve taken the first step towards a more organic and plastic-free life.
For years, bamboo water is believed to prevent skin damage. The bamboo water is believed to contain anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants scavenge free radicals from the body cells & prevent or reduce the damage caused.
Bamboo Field Shoots shown as renewable resource better than wood and sustainable product raw material option


Did you know? Bamboo is not a type of wood but a species of grass & one the fastest growing plants on the planet. It only takes a few years for a shoot of bamboo to re-attain its maximum growth (as compared to decades for wood). Also, it does not need to be replanted when it is harvested as it continues to grow even after it has been cut. If given the proper care, a bamboo item will long outlive a wooden one. Bamboo is much more lightweight, durable & flexible! It truly is a perfect renewable resource to replace the extensive use of wood.



Caring for your bottle involves do’s & don’ts listed as follows.

  • Cleaning: Like most other bottles, your Saanjh bamboo bottle can be washed with hot, soapy water. If you wish to deep clean every few months, you can use 3 tbsp white vinegar + 1 cup water.
  • Drying: To avoid deterioration, it’s best to dry it with a cloth immediately after washing rather than leaving it to air dry.
  • Storage: Store your bottle away from extreme temperatures to avoid cracking & splitting. It is completely natural for an unvarnished bamboo item to change color in time. You can always rehydrate it with natural food oil should it start to look dry to you. The natural food oil might leave an after-taste so make sure you choose one to your liking. We advise you to go for mineral oils as they often have less of an aftertaste. These can be found in most local department stores and supermarkets.


Saanjh bamboo bottle is 100% organic & BPA-free. It imparts anti-bacterial properties to the water & keeps it naturally cool. Not only is it eco-friendly & sustainable product option as compared to a wood/plastic bottle, but is also a huge source of employment to the rural population as most of these are made by hand. Artisans use small tools & machineries to give shape to these bottles and each piece is unique such that the cap would fit the bottle which would be made specifically for it!


To switch to an organic life or gift a piece of health to a loved one, get your bottle here –


With Love,
Craft for a fair future.


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